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Our suppliers

Locally established – globally engaged

At our core, we are a Danish design brand, established in the heart of Copenhagen. But we are also deeply connected to the wider world, partnering with suppliers in other parts of the world. We produce in Portugal, Turkey, India and China with partners we have worked with for up to 30 years.

Designing and creating clothes take time, effort and commitment and every little part of the process involves people who are committed to their craft and to creating a product we are all proud of.
The people

We have created long-lasting relationships with our suppliers, some of whom have been with us since the beginning. These close relationships enable us to do more than talk, and we have taken several major steps with them to ensure that we do better and that we reduce the adverse impact on the world we are a part of. Honesty and decency are fundamental to us, and so is being committed to thoughtfulness together.

Created by women for women

Our supplier of many of our jersey styles in Portugal has been with us for 23 years and has been a committed supporter and a defining part of our FSC® certification process for this element of our collections.

Cristina and Hermínia’s staff are almost all women. So whenever you pick up a Masai jersey style, you can be sure that not only was it designed by women for women, it has also been created by women for you.

A lifelong friendship

Punta’s story is also the story of how Masai came to be, and a story of more than 30 years of what began as a professional collaboration and soon became a lifelong friendship.

It all began in 1992, when Nina and Hans, the siblings who founded Masai, went to India to get their first collection made. It’s now more than 30 years since this collaboration began, and Punta currently owns two factories in the Delhi area dedicated to producing clothing exclusively for Masai.


Maude McNair Rahbek

Maude is Masai’s production manager. This means her daily responsibilities include the entire process of turning each design into reality.

Maude has extensive knowledge of textiles and manufacturing techniques, and her dedication to creating the best possible garment from the very best materials available is a daily inspiration. Maude has travelled the world and is in close contact with our suppliers around the world.

Masai X Amfori

Masai is a member of Amfori, and through this membership, we address and work together with our suppliers to secure responsible and fair conditions and human rights for all people involved in making Masai