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Bold prints, bright colours and the scent of spring

The Alchemist

Welcome to another spring collection featuring new styles in our popular linen fabric, elegant dresses, beautiful colours and bold prints. Styles you’ll love wearing both now and in summer. Nice, right?

Linen: unique and natural

The spring collection brings you bright colours and flattering shapes in fabulous linen– a fabric we love for its natural beauty, temperamental properties and excellent durability.


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Beautiful and natural

See and shop your favourites from the beautiful spring collection.

It’s no secret that we love colours and prints. Because prints and colours are an easy way to create a unique and personal look that really shows off your personality and style.

This spring collection brings you artistic, hand-drawn prints in bright, fresh colours and flattering shapes – perfect now and later in the season.



For us, a print is not just a print. It’s a work of art that can be worn. Note the colours and lines, the way movement makes this print really vivid.

Bold prints and bright colours

Step into spring in style with artistic prints and beautiful colours.


Use the collection’s bright blue colour to create a stunning and vibrant look with plenty of edge and personality.

Calm lines and subtle colours

The collection has something for every taste and style. Love subtle colour combos and calm prints? Then you’ll love the collection’s elegant styles in soft, subtle colours that complement your complexion beautifully.


Soft and subtle

Explore the new collection and find the favourites that match you and your personal style.