Masai journal

Soulful sea

We look forward to spring with a collection dedicated to and inspired by the sea and the first signs of spring: beautiful, fascinating and always in motion.


Denim is an iconic material, that we love to rediscover and reinterpret. In this collection you can experience new flattering silhouettes in this beautiful indigo blue denim. Style them with knitwear, cotton and linen for a feminine and refreshing look.

Blue light

The colour blue is an absolute classic. It's timeless, versatile and goes with everything. The colour signals calm and harmony, and even better: the sea. Dress in beautiful shades of blue and artistic prints inspired by the sea: beautiful, alluring and always in motion.


This soft knitwear is love at first sight. The combination of chunky knitwear, classic maritime stripes, decorative buttons and generous comfort makes it perfect for your transitional wardrobe.

Wear the sea

If you're only going to invest in one print this season, this should be it. Designed in crisp cotton with feminine details and flattering, feminine silhouettes.


This beauty of a dress will make you wish spring would come even faster. It's designed in a beautiful print in the softest cotton with feminine details and lovely welt pockets.

Masai shapes

For you to dress as you.

Masai Shapes is part of our dedication to creating timeless wardrobe favourites that you'll love to wear again and again, season after season. We never define one look, one fit, one colour as the right one.

Instead, we celebrate that the women we dress are creative forces in themselves, dressing for the situation, their mood and the stories they want to tell.

Explore our Shapes, and find the fit that matches you and your figure. Whatever you choose, the clothes are beautiful and comfortable to wear.

Explore shapes

Towards brighter times

The collection features beautiful knitwear, classic stripes, wonderful dresses and tunics in artistic colours, hand-drawn prints and beautiful colour combinations.


Some styles are true game-changers for your wardrobe, and this lace knit dress is perfect for a smart and stylish layered look. Wear it over all the pieces you already own and love.

Cool elegance

Creating a stylish and elegant look doesn't have to be difficult or uncomfortable. It should be lightweight, relaxed and - most importantly - comfortable, regardless of the fit.