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Everyday heroines

Why wait for special occasions when you can dress in elegant and luxurious styles every day? Explore the perfect collection for changing seasons and celebrate everyday life in style - like the heroine you are.

We believe fashion is more than just clothes. It’s a celebration of your individuality, a canvas to express who you are and a source of joy in your everyday life. The collection is a tribute to all women who navigate through life’s adventures with grace and strength every day. Each garment is carefully designed to embrace your femininity so you can conquer your day, every day. Join us and celebrate the extraordinary in the ordinary.


Like a warm hug

Give yourself a hug with exquisitely soft and delicious knitwear - a signature element in our autumn collections. There’s something magical about putting on a soft knitted jumper - it’s like a warm hug that soothes your soul.

With knitwear from Masai you get a wonderful symphony of comfort and style, designed to be your companion on chilly days and relaxing evenings. Wrap yourself in warm and irresistibly cosy knitwear - for ultimate comfort on hectic days.


Everyday luxury

Elegant and luxurious styles aren’t just for special occasions. Embrace the philosophy of self-love and self-expression and dress in beautiful and elegant styles every day.

Let this collection be an invitation to wear clothes that make you feel extraordinary and stylish, whether you’re conquering the boardroom, enjoying a coffee date or just enjoying your own company. At Masai, we celebrate your authentic self and encourage you to live life without compromise.



Meet the showstopper of the season - the cut-out top that effortlessly steals the spotlight. The top is crafted with meticulous attention to detail. The beautiful texture of the fabric exudes elegance and drapes beautifully, emphasising your figure. Whether you’re on your way to a meeting or a casual get-together, this top is your versatile companion that ensures you get noticed with every step.

Step into the blue

Dive into a sea of blue or explore our hand-painted prints that celebrate the allure of this enchanting hue. Blue isn’t just a colour - it’s a state of mind that reflects depth, calm and endless possibilities.

Emphasise your style and personality with the collection’s styles in bright and beautiful shades of blue: From deep blues to artistic prints, all channelling confidence and effortless timelessness.


Everyday heroines

Explore the collection and embrace your role as an everyday heroine.

Embrace the elements in style

Step into a world of outerwear where each piece beautifully combines practicality, comfort and elegance to protect you from unpredictable weather. At Masai, outerwear is an art form that blends thoughtful design with functional details. The lined pockets embrace you with warmth and the finest fabrics offer luxurious comfort, and the flattering silhouettes and enchanting hues entice you to embrace the outdoors without compromise.