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Care guide


At Masai, we design outerwear to last for seasons - so here are some tips to take good care of it. 

How to care for your outerwear

Always follow the washing instructions written on the style’s care label.

Down jackets and parkas can often benefit from a soft outerwear cycle in your washing machine, but only at very low temperatures.

Never use fabric softener, and only use a very small amount of mild soap.

Make sure to be patient when tumble drying. Down jackets must always be tumble dried at a low temperature, even if it might take several cycles to dry your coat.

Throw in a tennis ball with the final cycle to make sure the down does not gather in clusters inside your outerwear.

If your woollen coat might seem a bit dull after staying in your closet for the summer, use a steamer to gently remind it of its structure. A visit to the dry cleaners might be a good idea, but try airing, steaming and spot cleaning first.

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