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Masai has joined forces with visual artist Birgitte Lund for the 2021 winter collection, where four of her artworks will feature as unique and beautiful scarves.

“"I like the idea that the scarf I have painted will look different on different women, and that the painting on the scarf allows individual women to create their own story. This means every woman gets to create her own personal look, and also gives the artwork new life."”
Birgitte Lund
The cooperation with MASAI

I was contacted by Lene Louderback, MASAI’s creative director, who wanted me to design some scarves based on my paintings. Masai then picked 4 unique works to feature on three long wool scarves and a square silk scarf. The four works represent the different artistic concepts that I work with. They consist of paintings, photographs, prints and drawings. The works we have chosen for the collection have been painted in multiple expressive layers. They have a very progressive look, where some elements have been poured on, some painted on and some sprayed on. Parts of it have been calligraphed, and the colours I have used are very bold and sensual.

”beauty in itself isn’t interesting because it needs something to challenge it. There has to be something unsettling and frightening about it, because you need a balance between beauty and the immediate, and the more complex, the dark, the deep and the slightly dangerous. Beauty needs to be challenged and contrasted”
Birgitte Lund

I have been working as a visual artist for the last 36 years. When I paint, I become absorbed by the light and the tactile and by colours and all the different layers I use to build my paintings. I love the slowness of the process and love losing myself in each painting. My pictures are created at different tempos and over a long period of time - some processes are physical, others controlled and others meditative. I think my works can be seen as manifestations of the different moods and drawings I have in me. But I also try to create pictures that take the beholder on a sensory journey inside the stories I paint.

Beauty and aesthetics

We need beauty. Beauty is when we choose to see the positive and bright side of things. But beauty in itself isn’t interesting, because it needs something to challenge it. You need something unsettling and frightening because you need a balance between beauty and the immediate, and the more complex, the dark, the deep and the slightly dangerous. Beauty needs to be challenged and contrasted.

Thoughts on being a woman today

I am now 62 years old and I’m really content with where I am in my life right now. But we also live in a society where getting old isn’t easy, because the ageing process can be so challenging. It’s about how society perceives us and perhaps also how we perceive ourselves. On the other hand, both I and many other women I know are really enjoying their lives now, because they have found a sort of new place for them, woven from all the experiences they have had throughout their lives. I am very privileged because of the decisions I have made. I enjoy a large amount of freedom and a job that allows me to follow my heart and do something that I love and am good at.

I have found a greater acceptance and peace in myself, in all aspects of my life. I’m not as hard on myself as I was when I was younger. I love all the drawings etched in my face, because they tell the story of everything I have been through and all the chances I have taken in my life.


MASAI STORIES are portraits of women’s lives, presented through thoughts and reflections from a group of dedicated and passionate women. The stories reflect on diversity, openness, courage and, not least, the freedom to be and want to be yourself. Through meetings these women, who all inspired us with their life choices and creativity, we wanted to create a special insight into women’s lives. Our stories portray the strength and beauty that emerges when your life passions are allowed to blossom, and when you choose to listen to yourself and pursue your dreams.

But the stories also reflect on community and that notion that we’re all stronger together, and also on how we can improve at find inspiration and strength in each other. We’d like to do our bit by putting women more on the agenda, so that together we create new and equal opportunities for each and every one of us. So, this isn’t just a collection of stories, rather it’s one big story about working together. All the stories are created and told by women, and give us insight, wise words and food for thought.

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Maude is Masai’s production manager, so her responsibility includes the entire process of making each piece of clothing. Maude has extensive knowledge of textiles and manufacturing techniques, and her dedication to crafting the best possible garment from the very best materials available is a daily inspiration. Maude has travelled the world and is in close contact with the people who take the design and turn it into a beautiful fashion statement.



Sarah is Masai’s retail manager. That means Sarah’s main responsibility is Masai’s shops, which includes the customer experience and contact for each woman entering a Masai shop.