Size guide

Us women are all very different, also in terms of our shapes and sizes. And thankfully too, for diversity creates personality – and we pay tribute to that at Masai. Our clothes should feel nice and comfortable to wear – not the other way around, so it should also be easy for you to find the right size, shape and fit when shopping Masai clothing online.

Find the right size

At Masai you can find sizes from XS to XXL.

Our collections' designs are always based on our unique shapes. They make it easy for you to find the right shape and fit – all depending on your figure and personal taste.

Read more about our different shapes here.

Find your size with our personal size guide

To make it easy for you to select the right size when shopping online at Masai, we've created a personal guide. When you are looking at a product, you just click on the button ”Find your size”. Then you enter your height, weight and age, and choose the body type that matches your shape best – and you'll automatically be recommended a size.

Sizing chart

When you are looking at a product, you can also click on ”Sizing chart”, and a new window will then open. Here you can read more about the product's unique shape and fit, see our sizing chart with measurements for each size and get instructions on how to measure yourself.

Size Bust Waist Hip
XS 88-90 72-74 94-96
S 92-94 76-78 98-100
M 96-98 80-82 102-104
L 100-102 84-86 106-108
XL 104-106 88-90 110-112
XXL 108-110 92-94 114-116
How to measure yourself

A good general rule when finding your measurements is to place a finger between the body and the tape measure – this ensures that the clothes will be comfortable without feeling tight.

A: Bust
To find your bust measurement, you should measure at the fullest point. Measure closely – without tightening.

B: Waist
To find your waist measurement, place the tape measure at the narrowest point of your waist. Measure closely – without tightening.

C: Hips
To find your hip measurement, place the tape measure at the widest point of your hips. Make sure you keep the tape measure close to you, without tightening it.