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Elegant and effortlessly stylish

French chic

Unleash your inner fashionista with a collection inspired by French women and their charm and effortlessly good style.

Easy elegance

The collection features elegant new designs in vegan leather, timeless tunics, beautiful dresses, classic stripes and artistic hand-painted prints: Everything you need to meet autumn in style.



Oh... nothing is more French than a short, timeless jacket. It can complete any outfit and is perfect for everyday, parties and everything in between.

Treat yourself to beautiful pieces that never go out of fashion - inspired by French women and their timeless style.


A versatile wardrobe favourite

The tunic

It’s no secret that we love the tunic. It’s timeless, stylish and offers endless styling possibilities: Wear it as a dress, with or without trousers, as an elegant long blouse or as part of a layered look - the only limit is your imagination.


One secret to making your denim favourites look chic and elegant is to wear them as a look. Dress in denim from head to toe and let the raw elegance of the fabric, beautiful silhouettes and colours elevate your look.


Marie Vesterbæk

Marie head designer at Masai. She grew up in Jutland, more specifically Aalborg, and completed her design education in Kolding. It was therefore not entirely in the cards for Marie to become a Copenhagener, but she has become one with all her heart.

Shades of blue

Blue is the perfect alternative to black. In addition to symbolising the colour of the sea, the evening sky and nostalgia, the colour also complements every skin tone, eye colour and hair colour: Stylish, timeless and flattering - whatever the season. Simple as that.


“Pink is India’s navy blue”
Diana Vreeland - former editor-in-chief of Harper Bazaar and Vogue

Pink is also the colour for stylish women who aren’t afraid to show who they are. Go all-in on pink or simply add a splash of colour for that extra pop of vibrancy. Not just in your wardrobe, but in your life.

Stylish and timeless

Explore a collection that celebrates French charm and good style. From classic, versatile jackets to timeless stripes, essential knitwear and elegant new designs in vegan leather, you’ll find everything you need for an effortlessly stylish wardrobe.

Keep warm in style

With the right outerwear, you can complete any outfit and face the day in style - no matter the season. Every season you’ll find a wonderful selection of Masai outerwear - all with plenty of comfort and beautiful details that make each coat stand out: Lined pockets for extra warmth on chilly days and gorgeous fabrics that create a luxurious feeling of warmth and comfort. The coats are always designed in flattering silhouettes and beautiful colours - all to beat the feeling of wanting to stay indoors.