Our design team bases every collection on unique colour themes. All colours and patterns within a colour theme can be combined. This makes it easy for you to create your own personal style.

Mellow Yellow

A collection where prints inspired by nature and graphic elements dominate - with a fresh burst of yellow and earthy shades. The yellow is inspired by all the wonderful yellow that nature has to offer right now in those first warming rays of the sun.

Sublime Sunset

A collection bursting with colours, fabrics and prints. From orange to black & white prints and in surprising fabrics such as boiled wool. A collection of contrasts.

Succulent Shades

A calm collection based on tone-in-tone colours. Combine styles in dusty green, beige and a stunning deep jade. Flowers and leaves dominate the print, while the soft colour shades keep the style simple.

Garden Story

A feminine collection filled with light transparent fabrics and flowery prints. The wonderful selection of delicate colours such as coral, pale green and cream, form a sophisticated powdery palette of pastels.

Navy Nights

You'll find perfect chemistry in this harmonious collection, based on classic navy. A collection filled with details and eye-catching prints in blues and whites.

Nomad Spirit

A collection filled with wonderful classic Masai styles. Includes the well-known black & white combinations, the warm golden colours and fabrics such as bouclé and cotton. Mix and match from the different collections for your 'Masai look'.

Green Grove

A collection borne by the luscious and refreshing lime green. Find lime, black and white in a gorgeous mix, in prints and plain styles.

Bounty Beaches

Bounty beaches
Familiar tones of khaki and sand designed in gorgeous fabrics. Always stylish and highly wearable – whatever the season!

Vanilla Sky

White and cream styles enable you to create consistency between colours and prints and add a lovely light element to your style.

Forever Black

Timeless black designs in different fabrics like knit, viscose, wool and jersey – great styles for your basic wardrobe.