Colours can help emphasise the person you are and create a style that defines you.
Explore our colourful universe and find inspiration for a colourful wardrobe and a style full of personality.



Dusty blue, light cream and fresh golden tones are revealed in decorative patterns and fabulous fabrics.
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Express yourself

At Masai, we design clothes in colours, patterns and silhouettes – all with the aim of inspiring a vibrant and personal style that can become a natural part of you – throughout life.

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A stylish

”The colours we choose in our wardrobe have a clear effect on our surroundings, personality and radiance.

When we're drawn to a colourful flower bed, a sunrise or summer day by the sea, the feeling of joy turns into positive energy. The same happens when we wear colours.

I decided years ago only to wear prints and colours, and enjoy the twist it gives my style.”

Henrik Bus, Masai designer



Turquoise and grey are reminiscent of the Nordic light and barren fells. A beautiful winter landscape!
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We're all

”Colours have a huge impact on your mood and even your self esteem. Colours make you look up and notice your fellow human beings and maybe even give them a smile. It's wonderful!

Why fit in when you were born to stand out, as I often say. Because we're all unique – every single one of us.

That's why I use colours as the foundation when I'm building up a new collection.”

Lene Louderback, Masai designer



Romantic rose and exotic bamboo invite you to candles, 'hygge' and atmosphere.
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Go colourful

Colours allow you to express who you are. It's not just about which colours suit you – it's also about which colours define you..

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What colour are you?

Unfold your personality with colours and enjoy a vibrant and creative style.


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