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Exquisite fabrics, attention to the smallest details, clear, simple cuts and elegant colours are key elements in creating our new capsule collection, where style and comfort are in perfect harmony.

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The feeling
is vital

“I prefer wearing natural materials, which feel luxurious and calm against my skin. It's important not to have anything synthetic against my skin, and I use my fingers just as much as my eyes when shopping. For me, fashion and lifestyle products don't just have to be beautiful, they also have to feel great on my body.”

Vibeke Lentz: 39 years old, mother of three children, runs the lifestyle universe Certified yoga teacher and nursing manager.


“Decent fabrics, quality and the right shape form the foundation of good style. You need to give your best effort in everything you do, and that includes when you get dressed in the morning. In Scandinavia we have a particular sense for creating a cohesive look by combining functionality and fabrics, but without ever forgetting the women who actually wears the garment.”

Lene Louderback: 50, mother to two children, designer for Masai, with a long career in both Denmark and the USA.

Feel the soft, pure merino wool and enjoy the sensation of silky Tencel, while smooth jersey lends a gentle contrast to the feminine feel.

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